Adoptable Highways (S278 & S38 roadworks)

Adoptable Highways (S278 & S38 roadworks)

The procedure to reach an agreement  under Section 278 & S38 can be lengthy and time consuming. However having worked on many highway projects in the past, Dinmaco's team

is well aware of all the stages of this procedure, and knows how to minimise the time taken to reach an agreement.

Section 278 agreement allows:



-Right turn lanes

-Pedestrian and cyclist facilities

-Traffic reduction

S278 agreement inludes:

-Planning permission

-Agreed design

-Details of any required bonds

-Details of who will design and manage the works

-The programme for the works

-Provision for inspection an certification of the works


The Section 38 agreement contains:

-Planning permission

-Drawings of adopted area

-Technical drawings

-Programme for works and adoption

-Provision for inspection and certification of works

-Agreement regarding the adoption of supporting structures

Section 38 criteria for adopting roads as highway maintainable:

- The road road must be constructed to adoptable standard

- The road must be offered for adoption by the owner

- The road provides wider public utility