Project Logistics

At Dinmaco it is well known that the effective management of project logistics is crucial in delivering a project efficiently.

Project logistics is dealt with very early on in a project. This early involvement allows transport routes to site to be well planned, which optimises site accessibility. It also ensures materials and equipment with long-lead times are ordered before completion of final design, which ensures deadlines are met later in the project.

Dinmaco deals with project logistics in a professional manner, this is done using Material Logistic Plans (MLPs) and Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs). These are important management tools that Dinmaco adopts in every planning process to take into consideration all project logistics, and increase the efficiency of planning. MLPs set objectives and performance indicators for efficient material use, this minimises costs and in turn saves the client money. CLPs focus on construction supply chains and reducing impact on the road network. CLPs retime site deliveries to less congested times of day, and control waste movement, this reduces the impact of the project to the community, and reduces the risk of delays.