Retaining Walls (Embedded & Cantilever)

Retaining Walls

 Retaining wall design and wall type selection is driven by the following factors; cost, required wall height, ground water conditions and soil characteristics.


Designing a retaining wall requires knowledge of lateral earth pressure, this then allows the necessary stability checks to be made. These include checks for wall overturning, base sliding, and soil bearing capacity failures. After the wall is sized, each wall member is examined for adequate strength and steel reinforcing is determined.

From design to construction, Dinmaco Construction Ltd offers a wide range of retaining walls; contiguous bored pile walls, Secant, King post, Soil Nailing, Crib Lock, and Soil mixing.

Dinmaco Construction uses a range of safe and cost effective techniques to create retaining wall structures, for example contiguous and secant pile walls are installed using CFA and mini piling methods.