3D Modeling

3-D Modeling

Dinmaco values the use of 3-D representations to give clients a clearer view of the structural project. The way dinmaco goes about 3-D modelling is by adopting a Building information modelling (BIM) approach. BIM modelling illustrates the whole-life cycle of a project, which saves time, cost and brings predictability.

The 3-D modelling services allow  specialists to convert concept sketches and 2-D drawings into more infromative 3-D building models. In addition  clash-detection tools allow   specialists to deliver  clash free BIM models for all building plans,  this greatly increases accuracy and reduces the risk of reworks.

   3-D Modelling is a vital  element of the service offered by Dinmaco, as it increases   communication  with clients, and ensures nothing is missed out early on in the project .