Setting Out

In a building site, setting out means measuring and marking out a full size plan of a building in advance. Setting out is the first stage of construction at a new sign and it includes marking where the foundation trenches will be dug and marking the position of the walls on the concrete foundation.

Dinmaco Construction Setting out services is also including a bit of detailing as well as the measurements are really important not only at the end of the construction work but also before the building is completed. This is giving the builders in a construction site a lot of help as they will know in what exact place to build.

Robotic Total Station

Rotating Laser Levelling

Site supervision is very important during construction works in order to prevent any accidents. One of our site supervisors will take responsibility of planning and allocating work, making decisions, monitoring performance, providing leadership and building teamwork. However, the most importantly the site supervisor is making sure that health and safety is effectively managed. The health and safety procedures will apply to anyone that enters the building site. The lack of site supervision may result in injuries and accidents in a construction site.

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